Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating in Phoenix, AZ

Has your garage floor seen better days, but you aren’t sure where to start improving its looks? Spruce up your floor with metallic epoxy garage floor coating. The epoxy floor coating gives you the durability you need, while the metallic flakes give you a customized, unique look for your interior concrete floors. The installation process includes intermixing metallic flakes within the epoxy to give it a shimmery look and completely transform your space. This process involves using fluid movement to disperse the metallic flakes for a stimulating design. Our team provides metallic epoxy floor coating in Phoenix, AZ, and beyond, ensuring our customers get the more stylish and durable alternative to concrete staining that their space needs.

We have helped countless homeowners by installing a metallic epoxy floor coating in Phoenix, AZ, and the following areas:

  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Queen Creek
  • Scottsdale
  • Peoria
  • Buckeye
  • Goodyear
  • Casa Grande
  • Maricopa
  • Mesa
  • Fountain Hills
  • Sun City




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Upgrade Your Garage Floors Today!

Giving your garage the dependable protection it deserves doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics to do it. Concrete floors alone can look drab and unattractive, bringing down the entire vibe of your garage. However, with the help of our metallic epoxy floor services, you can easily inject a bit of style and personality into your space.

You’ll choose the colors and design of the epoxy floor coating, and our expert installers will handle the rest. We work closely with our customers to ensure the vision for their space comes to life exactly as they envisioned it.

For our metallic epoxy floor coating services in Phoenix, AZ, we use a Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Primer that completely protects your floor and prevents moisture vapors from damaging the floor. We work with you to ensure you get the durable epoxy floor you have dreamed of.

A benefit of working with The Garage Floor Company is that this primer is included in our price, whereas our competitors in the Greater Phoenix area typically charge extra for this service. We understand that you don’t want to be charged extra for something that should come standard with your floor coatings.

New metallic epoxy floor in living room

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Homeowners looking for a metallic epoxy floor coating in Phoenix, AZ, want to know what they’re getting for their investment. Understanding what benefits they can expect can help them feel more confident and at ease about giving their garage a new lease on life.

Our metallic epoxy floor comes in many colors and styles to give you a completely customized floor. Our epoxy mixture is durable and resistant to the general wear and tear that can show damage on other flooring materials, which is why we are comfortable with offering a 15-year Peeling Warranty on all of our products and services.

Some of the benefits of an epoxy coating include:

  • Durable, spill-proof, and stain-proof surface
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enhanced lighting

Trust the Garage Floor Company With Your New Metallic Epoxy Floor!

Homeowners want to give their garage as much protection as possible without sacrificing aesthetics. Gray concrete on its own can look drab and bring down the entire space, but with our team’s help, you’ll get an epoxy garage floor coating that can stand the test of time.

In addition to our metallic epoxy services, we also offer concrete polishing to give your surfaces the shine they deserve. Contact us to schedule your first appointment today!