Why Is There Condensation on My Garage Floor?

Technician applying the next layer for a customer’s garage floor

You don’t have to be a homeowner or garage aficionado to know that moisture is one of the words you never want to use to describe conditions in your home. Whether it’s humidity, leaks, or any other damage, moisture somewhere around your home is a pretty big deal. So if you’re a homeowner who starts […]

How Much Does Garage Floor Coating Cost?

Installation technician applying a polyaspartic top coat

Is it time to protect your garage floors? The natural elements that affect your garage might not seem like much, but garage floors do take a beating. A coating can do wonders if you want to protect them in the present and future. But how much can a homeowner expect a garage floor coating to […]

Don’t DIY — Why You Should Leave Garage Floor Coating to the Pros

Water droplets on a flooring surface

Some DIY projects are worth taking on yourself. Paint jobs, installing vinyl flooring, and tiling a backsplash are all projects that many homeowners choose to do without help. Coating a garage floor seems like a relatively easy task for most. After all, you’re simply applying a coating layer to the floor. It’s almost like applying […]