Don’t DIY — Why You Should Leave Garage Floor Coating to the Pros

Some DIY projects are worth taking on yourself. Paint jobs, installing vinyl flooring, and tiling a backsplash are all projects that many homeowners choose to do without help. Coating a garage floor seems like a relatively easy task for most. After all, you’re simply applying a coating layer to the floor. It’s almost like applying a few coatings of paint, right?

Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple, and with how beneficial they are, you should want to turn to the professionals to ensure you maximize the protection garage floor coatings offer. By contacting a qualified professional like the ones at The Garage Floor Company, you can enjoy time and money-saving benefits and top-notch quality in ways you may have never experienced before.

It All Starts With Experience

Knowledge of a subject goes a long way. With all the experience an installer can have, there is no telling how many strategies and skills they can apply to your floor. You can watch all the YouTube videos and tutorials you want, but they don’t guarantee much of anything. Each garage floor is different and requires a special set of care. Professionals like ours know the intricacies of floors because we’ve spent years on them.

With over 18 plus years of skill working with garage floor coatings, The Garage Floor Company knows all there is to know about polyaspartic and epoxy flooring. If you need a beautiful coating, why not leverage that knowledge for your benefit?

Save Time and Ensure Quality

One of the best parts about DIY installations is the pleasure of finishing a project on your own. However, a bit of extra time may not make a difference when you try your hand at a DIY project as, after a while, there are diminishing returns to the job. The more time wasted, the more frustrating it gets and the more likely you are to simply toss the project aside for another day or worse — force a poor installation. We all have given up on a project after a lengthy time dealing with a product that just won’t work the way we want.

With professionals, projects are done right as quickly as possible, and any roadblocks are remedied faster than they can during a DIY project. It’s not that you can’t do it on your own; it’s that professionals are uniquely skilled at what they do and take precious time to perfect their skills with each job. Additionally, garage floor companies have access to state-of-the-art quality materials that you can’t find on the shelves of your local hardware store. This combination of quality and time-saving skill is unmatched compared to an installation on your own.

What Can Go Wrong During a DIY Application?

So what exactly can happen during a DIY application that you want to avoid? Many of these problems reduce the effectiveness of your floor, in addition to how unappealing they might look. The benefits of epoxy, polyaspartic, or any other coating are its durability, shine, and ease of maintenance. Air bubbles, peeling floors, and moisture buildups render these benefits useless and are just a few of the problems you risk by not turning to professionals.

Air Bubbles

A coating applied under direct sunlight, or cold temperature can start to form air bubbles. Many times air bubbles are a result of a porous floor or one that wasn’t properly prepared before an installation. You can also create air bubbles if the coating isn’t properly mixed, something expert installers have tons of experience with.

Peeling Floors

When the coating doesn’t properly penetrate, it can lead to peeling. This is one of the most common issues we see with homeowners who receive poor-quality installations and require fixes earlier than anticipated. Floors must be cleaned of all grease, oil, dirt, and debris, and that typically requires grinding the floors — a process best performed by professionals.

Moisture Buildups

Moisture is an issue no matter what part of the home we’re discussing, which certainly rings true for your garage floors. A temperature difference or an improperly dried-out floor can lead to moisture buildup under the coating. The coating should be applied at least 24 hours after drying out the floor, and a failure to adhere to this step will ruin your installation before it even starts.

Not Enough Product to Support Your Floor

Regular epoxy flooring kits or coating products sometimes fail to come with enough material. Coatings should be a few square feet more than the area of your floor. Homeowners sometimes buy kits with too little flooring and spread out the coating. This either leads to an additional cost or a coating much too thin to protect any part of your floor.

Want to Avoid Coating Problems? Turn to the Experts at The Garage Floor Company!

As a premier garage flooring company, we’ve seen our fair share of poorly installed floors for various reasons. Whether it was due to poor preparation or inexperience during the installation process, many DIY projects take much longer and cost more than expected. If you want to avoid coating problems and get the job done right, turn to the experts at The Garage Floor Company today!

Our high-quality metallic epoxy floor coatings give Phoenix, AZ, residents the expertise and quality they deserve. It doesn’t just stop there either, as homeowners can explore our concrete floor polishing and so much more! Make your coating job simple and easy with the expertise of the skilled installers at The Garage Floor Company!