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Ready to Spruce Up That Unorganized Garage?

One of the most neglected aspects of the house is the clutter in the garage. Since it serves as a primary entry point, why not make it the most beautiful and organized section of the house? You are now taken care of by The Garage Floor Company. We are eager to establish ourselves in the garage storage industry with our new line of overhead storage, storage racks, slat wall, and garage cabinets. Your place will become the talk of the neighborhood after our team finishes with your garage floor coating solutions.

Our Garage Storage Installation Specialists

Our Lincoln and Omaha, NE, garage storage company knows how challenging it may be to determine how much and what kind of storage your space requires. Our storage experts will walk you through the process and offer advice on the best solutions for your area while keeping in mind the vital requirement of keeping it economical while being usable and attractive.

To guarantee they uphold our high standards, our installers must undergo a thorough, rigorous training process before they are allowed to work on any project.

In Nebraska, households and businesses can get full-service residential garage storage from The Garage Floor Company. These NE communities where we work include the following:

  • Gretna
  • Bellevue
  • Elkhorn
  • Papillion
  • Fremont
  • And beyond!



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Why Choose Our Garage Storage Company in Lincoln and Omaha, NE?

There are plenty of other garage floor storage companies out there, but we strive to be more than just another garage storage company in Lincoln and Omaha, NE! The following help us stand apart from the competition:

Amazing Service

We take great pride in giving each client individual attention and completing projects quickly without sacrificing quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to provide our customers with the finest service possible. When you collaborate with us, we manage every aspect of the project for you. No need to call multiple companies to get the job done when you can partner with us!

Experienced Experts

Our crew is superior to every other garage storage company in Lincoln and Omaha, NE. Overhead racks, slat walls, shelving systems, and garage cabinets are just a few of the items our experts have a wealth of expertise installing. They are also prepared to assist in any way possible and are proficient in polyaspartic and epoxy coating methods.

Unbeatable Quality

We only use materials from North America for all of our products. We are the manufacturer’s distributor; thus, everything placed in your home is shipped directly from the factory. Since there are no distributors or intermediaries, the cost is lower and it is more accessible. Each item is also tough and able to handle the difficulties the garage brings. Whether you have big tote bags, motorcycles, or tools, we have a solution for you.

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If you’re feeling excited imagining what your brand-new garage floor or just garage storage could be, don’t wait. Your dream garage storage solutions are closer than you think! We are now your one-stop shop! Call our premier garage storage company in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, to book your next service directly, or contact us online for a free quote. We’re excited to work with you to turn your garage storage and flooring into a truly functional work of art!