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The Garage Floor Company has transformed garages for thousands of satisfied customers since our inception in 2004. We started providing our high-quality epoxy and polyurethane coatings services in Lincoln, NE and have been expanding to other areas of the country. The Garage Floor Company also provides concrete coatings and polishing for commercial and industrial industries. Each of our coatings have been thoroughly researched and tested to guarantee long-term durability.

Our Process

  • Preparation
  • Base Coat & Chips
  • Clear Coat

Prepare the Surface: In order for all concrete coatings to adhere properly and last for the long term, preparing the surface is critical. We mechanically etch the floor with a diamond grinding machine rather than acid etching. In order to reduce the dust generated by this procedure, there is a vacuum system attached to the grinder. When complete, the entire floor is vacuumed to remove any traces of debris and dust. This superior procedure removes dirt, oils, fine layers of concrete, and any other products that inhibit adhesion capability. Any cracks or pits in the floor are filled, and we work with the property owner to discuss the best solutions for large cracks or pits and areas that are salt damaged.

Base Coat Application: The Garage Floor Company utilizes a proprietary Moisture Vapor Barrier epoxy base coat, which has superior adhesion properties compared to polyaspartics/polyureas and other epoxies. Completing this procedure ensures that the epoxy will not delaminate due to moisture vapors off gassing through the slab. Unlike other methods which do not have resistance to moisture, GFC’s Moisture Vapor Barrier base coat helps your floor resist the moisture coming from the ground.

Polymer Chip Broadcast: Polymer chips are thoroughly and evenly distributed over the floor while the epoxy is still wet. This allows them to harden within the coating, providing texture and durability. GFC has standard colors in stock for the owner to choose from, or colors can be customized. The color on the floor comes from the polymer chips, not from the base coat of epoxy. If you are looking for a lower cost option, we offer a partial chip flooring option utilizing a colored epoxy base, a light chip broadcast, and a durable topcoat.

Clear Coat Preparation: After allowing for adequate bonding time, on the second day the clear coat preparation is completed. Because we broadcast 25% more chips than needed, any excess polymer chips are picked up and the floor is scaped in three directions to remove any partially attached chips. We also remove any chips and dust from the driveway so your new floor is as beautiful as possible.

Clear Coat Application: The final application step utilized by GFC is a combination system. A high solids polyaspartic top coat is used on exterior and garage applications to create a scratch resistant, very durable, and UV stable (non-yellowing). Most of our competitors do not use this system, and their top coats experience yellowing over time.


The difference between a Garage Floor Company floor and the status quo is night and day.

Before we get started, our team will go over your plans for the room or garage.

From there, we’ll determine what materials will best deliver on your vision and create a gorgeous, enduring floor.

Our handiwork isn’t just found in garages, either. Customers have counted on us to deliver long-lasting, eye-catching floors in car dealerships, aircraft hangars, restaurants and other retailers. We’re ready to install the perfect flooring for your needs.

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